At St. Mary’s we offer a Catholic Faith Formation program for students in grades K-12. These students receive instruction from catechists every Wednesday from September until May. The 8 catechists are comprised of St. Mary’s parishioners, and include the following: Christa Schmidt, Kindergarten; Patricia Ehlis and Vicki Herberholz, Grade 1; Sara Krebs, Grade 2; Tara Ehlis, Grades 3-4; Jessica Sorenson, Grades 5-6; Anne Wolf, Grades 7-8; Connie Jalbet, Grade 9, and Father Gary Benz, Grades 10,11 &12.

Sacramental Preparation is a large part of Faith Formation classes. The students in Grade 2 receive their First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation in the spring every year, following Easter. The students in Grades 7-8 prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation, held every two years during the winter.

The Faith Formation students are also an integral part of the St. Mary’s Fall Festival. The students work in the Midway booths, wash dishes and serve food. They assist in the setting up of booths and the take down. They show a great example of giving to their parish.

Presently there are 75 students enrolled in grades K-12. There are 25 classes, which run 45 minutes each. Five masses are held throughout the year. Mass time includes a St. Francis live animal blessing in October, a Thanksgiving Mass, Advent Mass and Ash Wednesday.

For more information or to enroll your child,
please contact Kris Ehlis at the parish office.

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